Airdolphin Z1000-24, a powerful home wind turbine available from

Airdolphin GTO™, 4,1 KWp Micro Inverters Enecsys SMI-S240 price low buy online, European quality and proced more competitively than Involar micro inverter MAC250
Extremely powerful for such a small turbine: Airdolphin GTO™ has a top power of 4.1 KWp and is ideally suited for home power generation or small business use. Rotor ø 1.80 metres, total  mass just 17.5 kgs. Rated power is 1.1 Kw constant at 12.5 m/sec. Easy to install and exceptionally silent Airdolphin GTO™ is grid-tie optimised, and its DC 250 V output is connected to domestic breaker boxes using widespread solar PV inverters. No buffer batteries whatsoever needed. This makes Airdolphin GTO™ much more economical than low-voltage MWTs but still gives you as much power as a (much more expensive) 6 KW solar PV system would. See Airdolphin GTO™ details and featureshere.We have the best Airdolphin GTO™ prices throughout the U. S., Canada, the U. K and most of Europe at that!A low-voltage battery-charge DC 24 V version Airdolphin Z1000-25 is also available. Airdolphin Z1000-24 pricey quality small wind turbine available from miniwindshop Hamburg and online from
Micro Wind Turbine LE-300 (Wren) Home Power, Small wind generator, Micro wind turbine LE-300 price low online, buy from
Featherweight micro wind turbine, installs roughly as easy as a sat dish  and can be deployed in many places that might otherwise be unsuitable for a wind turbine… With a rotor ø of just 1.10 metres and a total mass of 5.5 kgs, Wren delivers 300 Wp which is more than even the best current-module solar PV modules. Several Wren turbines can (and, depending on your individual needs, probably should) be  coupled together to match real-life Home Power demands or may be used for powering special equipment one LE-300 Wren micro turbine at a time or “bundled” — atWren’s low price it doesn’t really hurt to do so… Mikrowindanlage Wren 300 W
LE-2000 (Merlin) Germany Schott 185 Wp monocrystalline price solar PV panel
Mini Wind Turbine Merlin, 2.5 KW continuous output @11 m/sec, rated power 11 m/sec (and at just 8 m/s at that!), expected annual output 2500 KWh/a @4 m/sec or 7500 KWh/a or more from 7 m/sec. Very attractive price/output ratio, priced at €3.890,00Further details for LE-2000 Merlin available here.
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